“When you did the reading at that time I was pretty distraught about it and kind of walked away from your insight because I didn’t like it. But you were 100% accurate.”

Pavlina J.

"Laura’s Tarot readings are so in depth and so scarily accurate, I had never had a reading that was so specific with its messages and with my current situation and I loved it so much because it helped me gain so much clarity surrounding my current situation and where I will be headed in the near future. No doubt would recommend to all my friends and will be returning for more!! <3”

Daniela M.

“I have had multiple readings with Laura and she has been accurate on so many levels for each reading. She also has connected with my father who passed on, and that was a moment of relief for me knowing he was at peace and always with me. As long as I can I will continue to use Laura because of her accuracy, sincerity, and honesty.

Thank you for everything.”

Kiran S.

“My reading with Laura was nothing short of mind blowing. She mentioned things she couldn’t have possibly known and made me feel so understood even though we’ve never met in person. If you are considering a reading with her I highly encourage you to give it a try.”

Raven D. M.

“So I’m reading right now and I haven’t gotten very far but I’m in tears.. The man you said to step forward... is a perfect description of my dad when he was young. You were amazing and I can’t thank you enough”

Nickelle I.

“My reading with Laura was mind blowing. I look forward to working with her again in the future….”

Brittany L.

“Back in 2018 I needed some guidance in life , especially in my relationship back then. I got a reading from Laura looking for some advice and clarity on the guy I was dating at the time . Not only was Laura so kind and on point but she also didn’t hold back and was completely honest with me . After our reading , I saw things differently and changed things up a bit . I look back now and I am so thankful that I heard what I needed to hear at that time because it led me to where I am now and it’s been absolutely wonderful ! I am the happiest I have ever been ! I highly recommend a reading with Laura because it comes with amazing energy and amazing guidance. She is absolutely wonderful and so are her readings!“

Jennifer D.

“It was amazing! Thank you so much. I am interviewing for new jobs right now and this was perfect.”  

Nico J.

“I received an in depth reading that sincerely brought clarity to a specific inquiry I had. I'm skeptical about may things in life but not about coming back for more. If you're thinking about asking for a reading, do it! You won't be sorry.”

Tamara P.

“Wow that really is me. So crazy. I never would have thought tarot through Facebook would be this insightful. I definitely want to do this again in the future…”

Michael S.

“I was astounded at the amount of information received for 10 minutes. It was completely accurate and really good.”

Veronica E.

Can you believe this is the first chance I’ve had to read this! Almost 4 months later! What’s so great about that is getting to use it as a hindsight for what has occurred and delighted to say how spot on it feels. Thanks a million for doing this. Very fun. I’m impressed by your level of dedication to giving so much information, heart & soul.”

Christopher F.

“Wow ok thank you so much I just finished listening through to your recording twice and SO MUCH resonated with me!!… Thank you so much again, I’m sorry for such long messages but I just felt this need to explain in depth the gratitude I have for you for helping me confirm that I’m making the right choices!”

Alicia A.

“I think a lot of this made sense honestly. I usually read my own cards so would LOVED this new perspective.”

Whitney R.

“This is wonderful! thank you so much. I'm so appreciative of your time! I left a review and I will def book a reading with you in the future”

Meghan L.

“I just had a reading with Laura. She was spot on. Things that she said made me realize and understand a lot. Things about myself that i am trying to deny she made me she in a very friendly and kind way the truth. Thank you so much Laura. I highly recommend her.😁”

Emy K.

“Hi Laura! Omg thank you so much! This definitely resonates with me! So many things are changing lately and I’m open to it. I loved this card and read. Thank you! ❤️”

Chandra E.

“Wow, sooo interesting to hear those things come through someone else. You nailed it without even knowing. By the way- I love your voice, there’s something so soothing and comforting about it.”

Jenna J.

“Thank you so much! This did really resonate with me. I appreciate this so much. I'm going to be sure to leave you a review. Thank you again for doing this, not just for me, but for everyone. I know you probably got a huge response from this so I really appreciate you taking the time to read for everyone. Readings take a lot of time and energy, so I see you. 💜”

Golnaz D.

“Hi Laura, thank you so much! This reading did really resonate with me..Sorry this is all a little rambling but I want you to know this was wonderful and appreciated ❤️”

Maddie H.

“This couldn’t have been anymore clear. Thank you so much 😊”

Jenn W.

“Wow! You are amazing! Thank you! I will absolutely reccomend you to everyone I know! I know with your kind gesture comes a lot of emotional labor, I really appreciate you 💜💜💜 ”

Jazmin J.

“This is amazing! This definitely all resonated with me so much. Wow. I feel like you just have me the kick in the butt to figure out how to make a career out of my passions! Thank you so much!! ☺️ Seriously, thank you!! I can’t wait to show this to my wife when she wakes up! 💖”

Elle P.

“Laura, Thank you so very much! Your reading and work has been so helpful and eye opening! I appreciate your time! I am going to keep this and your information. Would it be okay to contact you in the near future for another reading? Have a wonderful day, you are so amazing!”

Jess N.

“Thank you so much!!!! I feel a lot more at ease about this— it’s been weighing heavily on me. Thank you for taking time to help us all out and give us some enlightenment ♥️”

Mireille M.

“Wowww thank You soo much!! I really truly appreciate that... the cards they hit the nail on the head for sure thank you again it was amazingYou were amazing and I can’t thank you enough”

Courtney F.

“Thank you. Your reading is bang on!!! You are good at what you do.

Dorinda W.

“I agree with everything in your reading and wanted to add…that in your notes section you used the terms “prescriptive” and “Science”- which kind of have me the giggles because my new job is definitely rooted in science, and i’m literally dealing with prescriptions /all/day/long. Anyway. Again you were spot on with the reading.”

Elle S.

“Thank you Laura, this was great! First, you have a great speaking voice, very relaxing as well as articulate. I was impressed wight he intro which seemed like a bit of a bonus…your words were spot on in what I hope to be able to do…This was great and very timely…and has made me more excited to start the new year.”

Cindy M.

“Hi Laura! Thank you so much for the reading. First off, i liked how your intro thoroughly explained the card positions and how they apply to the different aspects/levels of our lives. Very nice, and i think that, those who are not at all familiar with tarot, would appreciate that as well.I think you did a wonderful job, and i liked your vibe throught the reading.”

Nikki T.

“My wish was to send you the feedback sooner, but my first reaction to the reading was kind of impulsive being a reader myself… So, I let it sink… And I’m glad I did it, because now I can say that you were spot on… I love your voice! It’s so soothing and friendly. I think you have the perfect podcast-vibe, if that’s something you’re interested in.”


“Thank you very much Laura. Your reading resonates with me at many levels.”

Shweta P.

“So that was amazing…really fabulous….I just have to say too, after sitting down and thinking about it…I don’t remember which part it was. My third eye was like “boosh” I could feel it opening…I was in here I could feel it throbbing…yeah that was pretty cool…”

Pauline P.

“Thanks so much for the reading, it was really good and very accurate. Please let me know if we’re able to go any further with this reading.”

Scherlyn G.

“Thank you so much for this. <3 It did resonate with me. And made me smile.”

Luana F.

“Hi Laura! Thank you so much fort his reading, extremely grateful for your gift and for sharing it with me.”

Ashley D.

“Wow. Just wow! Thank you! This absolutely resonated…That hit home and I will continue to search for that deeper peace. Thank you so much.”

Laura C.

“Hi Laura! Omg thank you so much! This definitely resonates with me! So many things are changing lately and I’m open to it. I loved this card and read. Thank you!”

Chandra E.

“That was fantastic!!! Tahnk you soo so so so much! I love that your cat was so involved because I’m planning on getting a cat in the near future!”

Lilya J.

“Laura, thank you so much for the reading! I loved it. It resonates with me physically a lot.”

Milissa B.

“Brings tears to my eyes honestly. I really appreciate it, truly. Means a lot you took the time. kdfjslkfjs you’re the sweetest. <3 Thanks again. It means a lot, and I’m carrying it with me.”

Carly C.

“I think a lot of this made sense honestly… I sincerely appreciate your help!”

Whitney J.

Thank you for your time and reading today. :) I appreciate your time and gifts.”

Jennifer F.

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