(30 MINS) $45 (+$1/additional min. )

Tarot cards are the vehicle for messages from your higher self, ancestors, or guided destiny to arrive on this plane.

Every person’s reading is different because we/our paths are very unique. This reading is very in-depth and comprehensive as it can include Tarot plus: Mediumship (Spirit Connection), Astrology, Past-Lives, Numerology, Runes, Herbs, Crystals, &/or Drawings.  

Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health is highlighted

Readings can be held in-person or remote (e-mail, phone)

Price is the same with the exception that e-mail won’t go over time ($1/min)


(60 MINS) $111

A Medium is a channel between different dimensions.

I connect in different ways and will arrive at conclusions by deciphering what symbols, sensations, or anything that they show me mean and what it means for you.

During this reading, I connect to a chosen person or await a Spirit guide (departed Ancestor, Nature beings, Gods, Goddesses, E.T.s) for a message comes through.

As with any reading, I do not have control nor guarantees of connecting with a specifically chosen figure because like Humans, they also have boundaries and desires to connect.. or not.  

You will receive an audio file, photos, writings, drawings, etc. all to your e-mail.

All Spirit Guide readings take place remotely as I have greatest control in receiving a clear channel and lifting/grounding the space.


(1 HOUR) $100

This reading is for any kind of relationship, not exclusively romantic.

We tend to run in the same circle with people who make an impact on our life.

This could be from Past-Lives, Astrological, ethereal contracts, or karmic connections.

Since it is a reading for two people and the relationship, it will take place over the course of one hour at a flat rate.

Readings require a picture of both parties and take place remotely

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