I should start at the beginning.

I was born with extra sensitivities.

At first, it felt like a burden and it took me a while to see it a gift and claim it as mission.

During this time, I explored all that I could get my hands on.

I taught gardening to children while they and nature taught me the sweet subtleties of divine communication.

I also worked at one of the most renowned and energetically charged metaphysical stores in Los Angeles. There I learned about Psychic Protection, Esoteric Divination Practices, and magical tools.

After I channeled a Pre-Columbian spirit in 2017, it jump started my work. Since then, I’ve been searching for quality and meaningful connections between Spirit and humanity.

My journey so far has allowed me beautiful channels to connect for the highest good.

I’ve read for more than 200 people and can easily say,

every reading

every connection

every piece of advice

is so preciously unique.

I am forever grateful to be of assistance in helping you find peace as you travel your path.


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Clairvoyant Connection